1. The 5 nations tournament consists of 5 double field archery competitions (Arrowhead rounds) taking place in Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Luxembourg respectively. (within an area with a radius of 250 km).
  2. Competitions take place under WA field archery regulations (national deviations possible if clearly announced).
  3. Participation is possible for all archers with a membership at an archery club that is officially recognized by WA. In order to participate in the 5 nations tournament, at least 3 competitions need to be entered. Participation at single tournaments is possible but priority is given to archers that enter at least 3 competitions of the 5 nations tournament.
  4. Entry’s and cancellations must be in writing. Cancellations 14 days prior to the competition will be refunded.
  5. Closing date is April 1st
  6. If entered for 3 or more competitions with payment of entry fees before closing date, there is a price reduction on the entry fees. If entry fees are not received by the organiser at the closing date, the price reduction expires and original entry fees have to be paid. If entry fees are not received within the communicated term by your organiser they will be charged with administration fees.
  7. If entering and payment of entry fees for at least 3 competitions is done before closing date and after closing date other 5 nations competitions are added, these added competitions are charged with original entry fee but results from these competitions are taken into consideration in the 5 nations ranking.
  8. Entries for 1 day are only accepted if the competition is not fully booked.
  9. If entering and payment of entry fees for at least 3 competitions is done before closing date results will count for the 5 nations ranking. The prize giving of the 5 nations ranking will take place on the last competition and the winner of each category is awarded a prize. Ranking from 1st to 3rd will receive a reduction on the entry fees for the following year.
    • 1st: free in all 5 nations competitions
    • 2nd: 50% off on entry fees
    • 3rd: 25% off on entry fees


U18 till age 17 (shooting from the blue peg)
U21 till age 20
Senior (21-49)
50+ from 50 years and older

50+ 50+ 50+
Senior Senior Senior
U21 U21 U21
U18 U18 U18
Ladies Gents Ladies Gents Ladies Gents

Each category (except U21 and U18) will be valid if there are at least 5 archers present at the beginning of the tournament. If less, then that category will be replaced by a higher category.

U21 and U18 archers please mention the year of birth


If you have entered 3 or more events you will automatically be eligible for European 5 Nations Series Points.

Ranking of the 5 nations tournament will take place according to following schedule: Per competition

1st Place 12 Points
2nd Place 10 Points
3rd Place 9 Points
4th Place 8 Points
5th Place 7 Points
6th Place 6 Points
7th Place 5 Points
8th Place 4 Points
9th Place 3 Points
10th Place 2 Points
11th Place 1 Point
the rest 0 Points

If after 5 competitions there’s a tie in points the winner will be the one that has participated in the highest number of 5 nations competitions. If there is still a tie, the winner will be decided on the number of 1st, 2nd etc rankings.


You can enter with one of the organisers of the 5 nations competitions. Entries are confirmed in writing or e-mail in order to check the given information. Besides amount and way of payment are communicated.

Only entries for 3 or more events are considered before the closing date

Single tournament entries are considered after the closing date subject to availability

Entries confirmed once payment received by your local organizer

Entry Fees

23 EURO per event for 3 or more events

25 EURO for single event entries